"Really get to know the DNA of the place"

As an expat, immigrant, exchange student or contract worker, a government institution, or your employer will - to a certain degree - give you a very basic kickstart, with the "rest" being up to you.

We're here to help!


Our support is not simply 'Hi and Bye'. We take pride in creating relationships, bringing people together and promoting a liberal, unbiased, trusting and transparent support network involving the countless resources this amazing city has to offer.


We have a substantial network of professionals from all spheres that prefer working with us and trust our opinion, which we would like you to be privy to. Our fees are always transparent and we adapt to your specific budget requirements, whether you are “comfortable” or a millennial student without backing: we do our best to help you hack your way into the soul of the city and to maximise your gain. And: We guarantee 24/7 availability on WhatsApp.

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